Our Company

We are an independent asset management firm whose registered office is in Lausanne, Switzerland.

October 2003: The company launched its first mutual fund, MFM Global Convertible Bonds, in Swiss francs.

April 2005: Addition of a second class of the MFM Global Convertible Bonds in euros.

September 2006: A second fund, the MFM Quanteviour European Equities was created in cooperation with Quanteviour SA in Lausanne. 

February 2008: MFM Mirante Fund Management SA opened its Zurich office in order to cover the German speaking part of Europe.

July 2008: The FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) granted MFM Mirante Fund Management SA the status of "Asset Manager".

December 2008: After the financial market collapse, the company launched a fund mainly based on the yield and credit aspects of convertible bonds, the MFM Convertible Bond Opportunities fund.

November 2014: MFM Mirante Fund Management SA opted for a new custodian bank, Pictet SA, and a new fund administrator, FundPartner Solutions SA.

December 2014: A new fund, the MFM (Lux) Global Thematic Long/Short has been launched and has a multi-thematic long/short equity strategy.

May 2015: all MFM FUND’s Swiss funds were transferred to a new SICAV in Luxembourg, MFM Funds (Lux).

As an independent asset manager MFM Mirante Fund Management SA offers real added value with its experience of the financial markets. As well as managing public funds, MFM Mirante Fund Management SA offers tailor-made solutions to institutional clients with the aim of fulfilling the needs of its customers and achieving their objectives together.

Our goal is to develop and maintain long-term relationships based on cooperation and transparency.

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