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Our aim is to develop and maintain long-term relationships based on cooperation and transparency.

The first fund, MFM Global Convertible Bonds, was launched in 2003 and received numerous international recognitions for the quality of its management. MFM actively manages twelve strategies covering the main assets classes. The key objective through all our strategies is to deliver consistent returns on the long-term over market cycles within a controlled level of risk.


As an independent and flexible company, MFM Mirante Fund Management SA offers made-to-measure solutions by analysing investors’ risk profiles and yield targets.

MFM Mirante Fund Management SA considers clients’ mandates as a strategic partnership where tactical adjustments can be made in close cooperation with them.

The major difference between tailor-made solutions and our investment funds is the high degree of flexibility when a mandate is being set up and managed. In order to keep management fees at reasonable levels, our mandates are accessible only for a significant minimum asset size.