MFM Convertible Bonds Opportunities

Fund strategy

MFM Convertible Bonds Opportunities is an open-end fund incorporated in Luxembourg.
The aim of this fund is to increase capital which implies long-term investments in convertible bonds, preference shares, option certificates and loans.
Lower risk
Higher risk
The risk level was calculated based on historical data and is not an indicator of future risk.

Monthly Comment

What happened
Fears about the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, covid-19, shook the financial markets to the core. After anticipating that the economic impact of the epidemic would be confined to China and the supply chains that depend on Chinese production, investors repositioned themselves. They fear a weakening of corporate profits and a significant slowdown in global growth. Stocks endured one of their most significant declines since the financial crisis of 2008, with many indices losing more than 10% in less than a week. This meaningful correction was surprisingly rapid.
In this complicated environment, and even without a strong spread widenings in the credit side, the behaviour of convertible bonds was exemplary compared to other asset...
Giuseppe Mirante

Founder – CEO
Head of Convertible Bonds

Serge Fournier

Portfolio Manager