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MFM Mirante Fund Management actively manages twelve strategies covering the main assets classes.


MFM Global Convertible Bonds

MFM Global Convertible Bonds in CHF, EUR and USD are part of the MFM Fund (Lux) umbrella fund. The MFM Global Convertible Bonds sub-fund was launched in 2003 with as objective to provide investors with an exposure to the convexity of the high-end credit quality convertible bonds market through a conservative long-only strategy. It is actively managed in order to seek capital protection in adverse market conditions and to generate consistent asymmetric returns over a whole economic cycle, with a low volatility and minimum drawdowns.  It invests in a portfolio of global vanilla convertible bonds that exhibit a balanced profile, but with a defensive bias towards their bond floor and consequently an average equity sensitivity target with a skew towards low deltas.

MFM Convertible Bonds Opportunities

The primary objective of this strategy is to maximize its adjusted-returns in the convertible bonds Global Focus universe through opportunistic approaches. The strategy is a dynamic core-satellites approach of pure convertible bonds. The core has a buy and hold bias. It focuses on liquidity as well as diversification across both regions and sectors. The core main objective is to mitigate idiosyncratic risks. The performance of the whole portfolio is enhanced through satellite boosters while defensive satellites prime target is to minimize drawdowns. The satellites’ target is to generate alpha exploiting, both tactically and opportunistically convertible bonds specific situations. To continue to fulfill and optimize its objective, the strategy may, in the future, evolves and adapts to new dynamics encountered in the convertible bonds universe.


MFM European Credit Opportunities

The objective of the fund is to produce consistent absolute return with low volatility and risk in all market conditions, regardless of the direction of interest rate and default rates. The strategy is based on an unconstrained long-short approach aiming to exploit inefficiencies exhibited by indebted corporates. The fund could invest in bonds, equities and derivatives.

MFM Global Thematic Long/Short

Performance with global exposure to growing themes

The Sub-Fund intends to achieve capital appreciation with a controlled level of risk by primarily offering an exposure to undervalued or overvalued equities of companies worldwide. The Sub-Fund implement a Multi-Thematic Long/Short equity strategy. It invests in growing themes by buying companies globally.


MFM Asset Allocation Adagio

Adagio has a risk-based allocation approach which allocate risk instead of capital.

Adagio seeks stability and defensive bias. It is designed for investors that want to assume a lower amount of risk. The allocation is therefore more geared towards risk allocation with an emphasis currently put on fixed income and alternative strategies as they both offer low volatility and important decorrelation. It invests in a wide range of asset classes.

MFM Asset Allocation Andante

Andante allocates capital between a broad range of asset classes in the most diversified way. The strategy designed to typically provide the most diversified approach balancing expected risk and return. Andante implements a flexible and active asset allocation strategy. It is designed for investors willing to accept a modest level of risk in exchange for the potential to receive higher returns.

MFM Asset Allocation Allegro

Allegro is dynamic growth-oriented allocation strategy seeking higher return with prime focus on risk and diversification.

Allegro is designed for investors able to typically afford some risk to generate higher return in the long-term coming from a more aggressive asset allocation strategy. It translates into a more significant allocation to equity compared to fixed income.


MFM Global Fixed-Income

The fund provides a global exposure to the fixed-income asset class focusing on high quality investments. The strategy favors high quality bonds. It typically favors the most liquid countries and corporates bonds with attractive yields.

MFM Global Equity

This fund offers an exposure to global equity markets. The allocation emphasizes diversification mixing qualitative and quantitative fundamental indicators with the objective to produce the best risk-return profile. The pool invests only in direct lines to gain exposure to specific themes, sectors or regions.

MFM Global Real Estate Securities Fund

The objective of the fund is to offer an optimal exposure to international real estate mixing real assets and quoted companies.

The allocation is done by first type of assets choosing between real assets and quoted companies, then geographically, and finally by sub-sector for the selection of the securities in order to ensure a high level of diversification.

MFM Global Alternative Strategies Fund

This funds implements an absolute performance strategy. It offers diversification in terms of strategies seeking different sources of alpha with defensive biais. The objective is to generate uncorrelated performances with the main asset classes especially equities and bonds. Exposure to the Alternative asset class is made only via investment in funds offering original strategies. The construction of the pool optimize the risk-return ratio.


MFM Global Sustainable Bonds

MFM Sustainable Bonds provides investors exposure to sustainable investment opportunities without giving up on returns and credit quality. The strategy invests only in Sustainable bonds and is designed to provide an ideal balance between expected risk and return. The fund is actively managed. Its investment process ensures the most efficient diversification in terms of rating classes, duration, and geography. According to academics studies, sustainable bonds are undoubtedly the sustainable investment approach that produce the most significant impact.