MFM Funds (Lux) SICAVLuxembourg

MFM Funds (Lux) SICAV, an open-ended investment company, is the company that hosts under its umbrella, the various sub-funds managed by MFM Mirante Fund Management SA in Switzerland. Our SICAV is incorporated as a public limited liability company in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. MFM Funds (Lux) SICAV is qualified by the UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) Directive in Part I of the 2010 Act. This includes a set of measures established by the European Union, aimed at allowing investment funds to operate freely in each of the EU countries, with distribution subject to minimum national constraints from governments or local regulators. One of the most well-known directives, UCITS IV, was approved by the European Parliament in 2009, and entered into force in July 2011. It simplifies the administrative constraints for the cross-border distribution of funds. A new directive, UCITS V, was adopted by the European Union in July 2014. The latter was implemented in March 2016, and aims to strengthen the duties of depositaries, but also provides a framework for remuneration policies and sanctions. MFM Funds (Lux) SICAV only includes sub-funds with UCITS V status. Our SICAV was created on 12 December 2014, and has was registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register.



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