MFM Funds

MFM Mirante Fund Management SA offers three funds, each with an institutional tranche (Class I) and an ordinary tranche (Class A).

Our Funds

MFM Global Convertible Bonds in CHF, EUR and USD are part of the MFM Fund (Lux) umbrella fund. The objective is to secure medium- or long-term capital growth by investing in convertible bonds, convertible notes, warrant issues and certificates, mandatory convertible bonds and other similar securities with attached conversion or option rights, denominated in Swiss francs or other currencies and issued by public or private-sector borrowers from around the globe. Counterparty risks may be covered with credit default swaps (CDS's).

MFM Convertible Bonds Opportunities is an open-end fund incorporated in Luxembourg. The aim of this fund is to increase capital, which implies long-term investments in convertible bonds, preference shares, option certificates and loans.

The Sub-Fund has a Multi-Thematic Long/Short equity strategy. It invests in growing themes by buying companies globally. The Sub-Fund will use derivative instruments such as Contracts for Difference (CFD) or Total Return Swaps (TRS). The derivative instruments will be generally used to gain a short exposure to certain equities or equity related securities while the long exposure will be achieved through direct investment in the targeted securities.


As an independent and flexible company, MFM Mirante Fund Management SA offers made-to-measure solutions by analysing investors’ risk profiles and yield targets. 

MFM Mirante Fund Management SA considers clients’ mandates as a strategic partnership where tactical adjustments can be made in close cooperation with them.

The major difference between tailor-made solutions and our investment funds is the high degree of flexibility when a mandate is being set up and managed. 

In order to keep management fees at reasonable levels, our mandates are accessible only for a significant minimum asset size.

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