Our services

Our task consists in conceiving solutions based on our client’s expectations. We privilege a narrow and personal relationship with clients in the aim of offering global asset management services of institutional quality. Our internationally recognised expertise is carried by a network of specialists who are committed to finding the best opportunities of preserving and developing your assets. Finally, our pricing is as transparent as it is competitive.

Our Services

Our expertise in global wealth management is internationally recognised.

Wealth Management

In terms of wealth management, our approach is based on a methodology derived from institutional management centred on criteria of quality, rigour and transparency of investments and costs.


Your credit demands benefit from a specific analysis of your needs regarding mortgages and Lombard facilities carried out by our network of partner banks and insurance experts.

Occupational pension schemes

An array of solutions is available for the purpose of saving plans linked to occupational provisions/occupational pension schemes thanks to our privileged relations with a number of foundations, whether at the level of plans de base (1E) and sur-obligatoire, as well as of free passage or 3A savings.

Inheritance planning

Adequate inheritance planning makes any retirement or succession a serene one. We accompany our clients in the analysis of their personal financial situation to ensure that transitions are uncomplicated events.

Family office

Your family and those dear to you are guaranteed a peaceful future thanks to the personalised service we offer regarding the achievement of your upcoming projects. Our network of tax experts, lawyers and real estate professionals are at your disposal.

Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is conceived to provide an ideal balance between risk and expected return. We strongly believe in asset management based on a structured investment process which allows for an optimal diversification in terms of asset classes, financial instruments and geographical sectors. Risk management is fully integrated into the way we build our portfolios. The benefits of this approach are manifold: the reduction of risks against strong market downturns, as well as the potential to create accrued value in the long term.

Our Investment Solutions

The complexity of financial markets can quickly hinder investments without the support of a professional. This is why MFM Wealth Management offers two types of mandates:

– A discretionary mandate which manages risk rigorously. By entrusting the management of your assets to us, you benefit from the knowledge, experience and independence of the MFM Group.

– An advisory mandate in which we accompany you in each of your investment decisions.

Our approach aims to offer you a portfolio suited to your needs. We rely on the following criteria when establishing which kind of mandate suits you best:

• Your knowledge and experience of financial markets
• Your time horizon
• Your liquidity needs
• Your tolerance to risk
• Your specific demands

"everything is in the tempo"

MFM Wealth Management knows that each client invests at the level of risk that suits them best. This is why we offer three tempos for your investments.